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Staff Post - Owen Chang

Owen Chang

Service & Warehouse Assistant


My name is Owen and I have been in Australia for 10 years.  Staying in Australia is a big challenge to me. As a non-English background, speak in English was really killing me in the first few years.  Moreover, I am not chatty, so people think I am too serious. In fact, I am friendly and easy-going.

In Idealpos, I am doing all hardware stuff, it will be welcomed to ask me any hardware issue. Hardware is more attractive than software to me. When doing trouble shooting, I quite enjoy the moment on analyse and identify the issue then solve the problems. feeling the achievement when taking something apart or assembling items.

Outside of work, I like to discover new fishing spots and crabbing. From creek to the ocean, Harvey bay to Kingscliff, I go anywhere to hunting something special.  I used to build a large scale rc boat for fishing, but it cost too much when RC boat was out of control and sink.

Last year, my daughter was born.   My new hobby becomes to watch and take care her. On weekend, we like to spend time in parks. She likes to crawl on the turf, watch birds and people walking around, therefore parks and shopping centre are always our first place to go.