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Staff Post - Jake Quilkey

Jake Quilkey

Retail Hardware & Software Installation


My name is Jake, been doing the install game for just over a year now and I have to admit; your requirements get me excited! This job throws endless amounts of challenges at you, mostly depending on what your venue needs.

I’m Hospitality born & bred by trade. Working for my parents in all aspects of their business as restauranteurs & publicans. You learn more than just pouring beer, you learn how to use a Point of sale system, you learn how to navigate the software efficiently & most importantly how other individuals use the software.

There’s more to it than putting-a-name-to-a-price, -making-a-button-that-will-print-a-receipt-you-can-give-the-customer.

It takes planning and testing to bring out the best result possible. I pride myself on making that plan a reality.

I swapped out the Bars & Kitchens for the office chair about four years ago, and haven’t looked back. I went on to work in Liquor Legends Stock Control Support team. Learning the administration & marketing that goes into a big hospitality group such as Liquor Legends.

Getting the system to run efficiently can affect how the software runs reports.

On a regular basis I would walk into a Pub or club and advise on how they can improve their Sales systems, Marketing insights with good analytics or show them how to audit the venue for stocktake, which in turn could increase the market value of the venue.

I decided roughly a year ago to step away from that role & move into Idealpos, working for the software provider itself! Boy was I way in over my head! It was like these boys and girls were speaking a different language. For the first few weeks, I had no clue what was going on… or what I had to do. The install guys saw this daily and have trained me up to a level where I can confidently go and deal with more IT related issues.

I can say with confidence that Idealpos have sown the path for me and given me a direction I would like to travel in.

Anyway, I’m sure everyone wants to hear what I have been up to recently….

In my downtime you can find me up a cliff or mountain somewhere. I have a keen interest in Climbing of all types... Whether it be Rock, Mountain, Ice, Snow, Scree. You name the rock... I’ve probably jammed my chalk crusted fingers into it.

Just recently I came back from a successful 12 man/women expedition to Nepal. The challenge was to Summit three 5000 to 6000 metre peaks within a period of 3 weeks. The Himilayas did not disappoint!

We successfully summited Lobuche East 6119M / Imja Tse 6189M / Pokalde 5806M.
It was a mixture of trekking, climbing, ice climbing, rappelling & of course photo taking. It was thrilling and a great way to end the year. Our three main Sherpas Sonam, Kami, & Nima were pivotal in navigating our team through the Khumbu Valley. Without these mountain men… we would have been horrendously lost.

A note has to be made to make people aware of what altitude can potentially do to you. Not only was I out of breath most of the time, I would wake up gasping for air.
Other guys had constant throbbing headaches, Nausea and Vomiting. My advice is to keep some Diamox handy, as some found out, can ready get you back to normal at altitude.