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Staff Post - Raef Puddifoot

Raef Puddifoot

Retail Software Support Assistant
25 years of hospitality experience, most recently as a workplace trainer and assessor. He's have worked in 7 different countries in many different roles, & used many different POS. When not at work, he's still at work owning & operating a commercial cleaning, private consultancy & training businesses, & a fishing tackle distribution company. When he takes time off, he travels the world chasing exotic monster fish, & designing & creating fishing lures.

Please forgive me if you’re talking to me on the phone, and I call your modem a ‘thingo with flashy flashy lights’; I am most certainly not from an IT background!!

My name is Raef, and as exotic as it sounds, I am certainly not. I was born and grew up in a famous wine growing region of South Australia, until relocating and starting my high school education and life here in Brisbane. Having early exposure to the hospitality industry from my parents, I followed suit and started working as a chef part time from the age of 14. After finishing high school, I continued my hospitality career path, and moved from the kitchen to the restaurant floor and bar, and my first exposure to POS machines certainly wasn’t to be my last.

I embarked on a very successful hospitality career that lasted 25 years, living and working on many different island resorts and in many different countries including USA, Europe, Japan, Thailand, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu. I refined my hospitality career working at an executive level in Food and Beverage Management, Operations Management, Training and Development and Human Resources. I am very fortunate to have worked with many a famous celebrity, and in some of the world’s most luxurious 5-star resort and hotel properties.

With what little spare time I have, as I also have a couple of side jobs, my passion is fishing. I like to travel to my favourite fishing locations around South-East Queensland of a weekend, and during holiday time I like to go Extreme fishing and chase monster fish around the world. I have a passion for travel and have travelled the world quite extensively, however now days I often do humanitarian and charity work in the Pacific Islands and South-East Asia if my spare time permits.

I reckon I have used more different types of POS software and hardware than most, but that doesn’t mean I thoroughly understand them, in fact my recent new role at Idealpos has me learning more about POS, the hardware and associated peripheral than any other previous role has taught me. I am even learning about what the flashy flashy lights mean!!!

My previous experience in POS support was for 4 years in the retail liquor and hospitality industry, where I was a workplace trainer and assessor and POS consultant. I learned a lot about how to best apply POS software to businesses in the industry, and helped to educate many retail and hospitality end users across the country in POS software and database management.

Prior to working at Idealpos, I was employed as a Training and Development/HR Manager, and in charge of re-opening and re-training Vanuatu’s most famous island resort, that was unfortunately previously destroyed by a tropical cyclone. After my short contract was complete, I returned to Brisbane in November of 2016 and immediately started working at Idealpos.

I didn’t stay working at Idealpos long, and in the middle of March this year I had to leave to fulfil my insatiable desire to purchase a papaya farm, and grow paw paws in North Queensland. I quickly realised what a mistake I had made, Paw Paws are such hard work, and I dearly missed the great team of fun and interesting people at Idealpos, and I quickly returned, begging for my old job back!

Luckily enough for the general public and greater Idealpos community, they accepted my desperate plea, and here I am!!